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Regional key Accounts crop protection & farm robotics – South Italy


12Steps is recruiting its full-time regional sales force to cater to both traditional crop protection sales and as farming robots & drones.
The goal of this position is to manage local and regional accounts achieving the sales, profit and qualitative objectives set out by management in the segment of Agrochemicals, Biocontrol and Robotics.
This will include performing in-field customer testing and demos of both crop protection products and weeding robots. English proficiency is essential

12steps (former Agrico) was founded in 1977 by the Gnugnoli family of Bologna. Some of the company’s past focuses were Italian distribution of agro-chemicals to tobacco & golf courses.

Acquired in 2019 by Italian and Swiss agricultural investor groups in a friendly takeover, it is now headquartered in Milan

12Steps’s strategy remains centered around specialty agro-chemicals and profitable crop segments.

We have also decidedly adopted the fast changing pace in the industry, by expanding its portfolio to include bio-controls and robotic service platforms.